Meditation- How, When and for how long should I meditate?


Mediation isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It’s really closing our eyes for a few minutes while seated or lying down with the intention to meditate. Sometimes when we start meditating we can’t seem to sit still, we are like children fidgeting, we feel restless and our minds may run wild. But, be patient and with practice the act of mediating becomes familiar, we start to relax into it and enjoy meditating, continue to put it into practice and it’s part of our routine.

Several of the women I interviewed for my first book- A Handbook for Caregiving to your Parent, used the act of meditating daily and it really helped them. I myself used it daily in my yoga practice as well as incorporating guided meditations into my life- which by the way, are superb, especially when your a caregiver, as it seems to check another box off your list of daily chores and allows someone else to take the drivers seat, leaving you with time to turn off and listen. One of my favorite meditation leaders and teachers is davidji. His voice alone will put you into an instant relaxation mode. I will include a link to his website, where you can find guided mediations at all price points including free for many of us that are on a budget.

So let’s answer those questions:

How to meditate, although I think I already answered this one.
Simply sit or lie down with the intention to meditate, close your eyes and be still for a few minutes, if your unsure, set a timer for added guidance and support for 3 minutes.

When to meditate? Anytime, anywhere. Some people prefer to meditate in the morning before they do, see or engage with anyone, maybe other than their coffee. But, really as a caregiver, it’s whenever you have time, maybe when your parent is sleeping or at the doctors office in the waiting room. I found myself meditating all the time when I was waiting for dad at his appointments.

Lastly, How long should I meditate?
Start with 1-2 minutes and gradually add more time as you feel comfortable. There are no set rules for how long to meditate. Some people meditate twice a day. I tend to jump into my meditations whenever I have time, especially as a caregiver, time was the key here.

Please use all the self care tips I provide in the book and here in this blog section.
For anyone needing a book, but can’t afford one, please message me. I want to help all of you find some peace amongst the chaos of caregiving, this is hard work. I applaud you.

With love + light,