Walking to de-stress… It’s Incredibly easy and profound!


Walking to de stress is my thing. I love to walk. It’s easy, almost effortless and really helps me de stress. It’s a simple act but it covers a lot of ground. Pun intended.

I learned to walk off stress when I was a teenager. When you grow up with a mom with mental illness, there is inevitably stressful circumstances that arise in the house. So I would walk it off. I learned so early on that by the time I was a caregiver to my dad, I had this ultimate problem solver in place.

Walk every day to reduce stress as a caregiver. Schedule the time just like you would mark your calendar to take your parent to the doctor’s office. If you skip a day or two or three, forgive yourself and just start again. Remember we are not perfect, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. ( I love that saying and it really speaks the truth)

Walk at the same time every day.

Walking at the same time everyday helps your mind and body to be ready and prepared for walking. Like a yoga teacher once told me, when you put your yoga clothes on your body know what’s coming next. Same with walking, have those walking or running shoes ready to go.

What clothes do you like to walk in?

I like to wear yoga pants as I can move more easily. When I lived in New York City, I never wore my yoga clothes outside the studio, so walking in every day clothes was how I did it and that works too.

But living in California it’s more the norm to wear yoga clothes or work out clothes. And to me it is more comfortable for walking.

The most important thing is to make sure your wearing comfortable shoes.
I like to wear running shoes, I find they breathe the best and keep the spring in my step. Try some different shoes out if this walking thing is new to you and see what works.

And don’t forget a comfortable sock, I know these things seem like simple concepts, but we all have to learn things and when I started walking many years ago, I found I bought socks that were too thin and they would rub as I have feet that get sweaty, I know TMI. That’s what I would say to Lenny, my dad when I was his caregiver, TMI dad, especially if he talked about bodily functions. LOL

Let’s laugh, laughter is good medicine. I got you my friend, this is hard work.

Where to walk?

There are many options as a caregiver to walk it off- and get your steps in.

When I was a caregiver for dad, I got my steps in wherever and whenever possible. If he was at the doctors I would walk around the complex. In the hospital- I would do laps around the hallways. In addition I had a set time that I walked every day and this kept me sane, this and everything else I was doing.. there are many steps to take to maintain balance when your caregiving.

If you put things in place you can function at a different level and stay sane. Mostly not getting sick, that was my biggest goal and I feel proud that I did accomplish that and the fact that I was the best caregiver in the world..
That’s right the best caregiver in the world..

Now go out and get some steps in so you can de-stress and feel good about what your doing, how loving you are and how you care enough to give to your parent.

Thank you – and Thank Yourself!

With love,