Forgiveness- the truth of self love.


Forgiveness, is really a process and takes time, love and space.It’s a new day and I woke up today

knowing I needed to forgive in order for things to run smoothly.

What do I mean by this? What I’m talking about is to forgive myself. As a caregiver we make mistakes, as a human we make mistakes. It can happen frequently as a caregiver to our parent as we may say the wrong thing and then think, Was I being mean to my mom or dad, why was I so short tempered today? Did I say the wrong thing? Should I have more patience?
Or why didn’t I take them to the doctor sooner? The list can and will go on and on. As Caregivers we have a lot on our plate and things come up every day that make for challenging situations.

Some times we have to make very quick decisions and other times we are so overwhelmed with a medical emergency or a fall and start to doubt ourselves. The bottom line is we are not always going to get it right.
Some days will be smooth sailing and others will seem like one mistake after the next until all you want to do is get into bed and get some sound rest and start again.

The best way I have found to have a good day is get into a routine.
Get up at the same time every day and while your still in bed make a mental list of three things your grateful for.
Next I like to get up with a hot cup of coffee and do a 5 minute meditation and after say to myself you got this!

This is going to be the best day ever!!
Remember your mantra- we talk about this in the book, about preparing yourself with a mantra that you can repeat all day. This mental repetition will really help when dealing with the stressful days of caregiving.

Now let’s start this beautiful day my friends.. I got you! You got this.

You are loved!